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Critical Depth Soundtrack

The full soundtrack of Critical Depth is now on Rawtrex and over the next few days you are going to be able to find these tracks on the site fully free for download. Critical Depth was a game created by the makers of the first and second Twisted Metal games for the Playstation. The team of SingleTrac and GT Interactive decided to take their vehicle combat design to a whole new environment. This time around the battle was to take place underwater and the contestants would use submarines over land vehicles. Using the same engine as Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2 but far more enhanced, they managed to pull off a great game even full two player action support and even a co-op option. With great character design, multi-player modes, simple controls, many hidden goodies and nonstop action - Critical Depth quickly become a favorite in the hearts from the few which managed to get their hands on it. Now you can download the full soundtracks of Critical Depth here!

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