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Chat Room Rules
VirusDate: Monday, 2014-04-14, 2:13 AM | Message # 1
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The chat room box is found to the right on the main page of the website. It is shown in every section of the website except the forums area and it's a general discussion place where you can talk about things which are in the site as much as you would like, or about anything in general. You do not have to register to use the chat room, everyone on the site has access to the chat room instantly, all you need to do is pick a name and add your message. Those who advertise other websites will get permanent IP ban from the site, you have been warned. Not following these simple rules can get you a warning or a ban from the site.

Chat Room Rules
OK to use profanity.
OK to link to images.
OK to link to personal threads.

NO cybering.
NO rape or sick fantasy chat.
NO posing as another gender.
NO chat about raping anyone.
NO to impersonating pornstars.
NO to impersonating celebrities.
NO chat which is sick and/or illegal.
NO spamming the chat continuously.
NO advertising on the chat of any kind.
NO linking to other websites on the net.
NO impersonating other members of the site.

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