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How to add your own pictures to the Gallery Section of the site.

The website doesn't support members uploading images to the website since wallpapers and other images might be too large. To fix that, we have added to the image adding forms a special space where you can add images via their internet address on the internet. If you created the image yourself, upload to an Image Hosting website to share in the Gallery section of the site. Here is a list of the Image Hosting sites you can choose from:

Recommended Picture Host Websites
- Depic.me
- Imagevenue.com
- Imagebam.com (Recommended)
- Imagebunk.com
- Imgur.com (Highly Recommended)
- Photobucket.com

Accounts which uses Image Hosting websites with an unreasonably large amount of advertising, pop-ups, or engage in the use of shady techniques to confuse customers will be banned. Once you have chosen an Image Hosting site and registered an account, you may upload images to your account there and add them to the site using a direct link. Once you add the imaged to our website you can delete the image from the place where you uploaded it. Here is the proper way to fill out the form for adding your images to the site:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3