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Music Promoting
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Here at Rawtrex we are true music lovers and accept any and every kind of music. We also encourage new musician into the music industry to add their tracks, beats or songs to expand their reach on the internet. On this website we want to get your music and name out there and have people you never ever met get to know you and your talents. For this reason we here at Rawtrex offer free music promoting to everyone regardless the country they are from. We desire that you become well known not only in local stores, but also everywhere on the internet. As everyone knows, the internet is a very vast place where you can expand your reach to music lovers from all corners of the world.

If you are a music writer or performer and need a boost on getting the world to know who you are and what you do, or if you are a simple musician trying to get ahead in the music world and get recognized, Rawtrex can promote your music with four (4) simple steps. Follow these steps and use the Contract form to get in touch with one of our staff to farther help you. To get promotion for free here at our website just be sure you have the following;

1. A single music track owned by you and created by you which you are willing to give for free.
  • This free music track must be the full song and will act as a sample for people who might be interested in your music. It is a sample that will show listeners just what they can find in your album or overall music. The tracks can include any kind of genre, there are no restrictions.

2. A link to an online video which plays out the track you are willing to give for free in its entirety.
  • So people who might be interested get into your music world, you have to give them a real time dose of what you got. Creating a video and then uploading it to YouTube (or any other video service that provides EMBED coding) is a great way to back your music up. Videos can be of anything, it can just be a still picture of yourself, of your album cover, or just a volume mixer. If you do not have a video for your song created, we can create a video for you featuring your soundtrack or audio for free.

3. A picture of the album cover to use as a preview for the track you are willing to give for free.
  • The picture can be just about anything, but if you have an album cover which goes with your track that would be the best choice. Though any other picture can be used, but the more original you are the better.

4. A direct link to your online store where your music is sold.
  • It is required that you have an online store and have an album or tracks already selling. The link you provide can be a link to the album of where the free given track is located, or it can be a link to an online store where all your albums and songs are sold all at once. We also own a website which offers the ability for you to create an online store for yourself, the website is Deviant Cart.

Once you fulfill the requirements of steps 1-4, be sure to use the contact us form found here to contact us personally. We will do the rest for you totally free of charge, if you decide to register to the website you will also be given the icon  to let members and guest of the website know you are a music artist!

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Forum » The Rules » Rules » Music Promoting (How Rawtrex can promote your music for free.)
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