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Rawtrex is your one stop spot for all your audio downloads from the YouTube service

for free! We dedicate ourselves in bringing you all the audio you find in YouTube for download.

We give options within your download and make it easy and convenient for you to select what

you need for downloading at any time and anywhere. With an ever growing number of audio and

tracks to select from, you can find a large deal of useful things with us. But there is much more

things offered by our website that you might find interesting on your stay. Here's a list below of

everything we have to offer to you!





Download one or both format especially created to be used for your music players or CD

players. We offer both .mp3 format audio and .aac audio formats. MP3 is a universal audio

format that can be used on any audio-based program or device. Not only can you download

your favorite tracks but you can also upload and share your own on our community of music

lovers just like you. So be sure to join us in our journey to gather the best all in one place!



Burn music to compact disc to listen to them later or while on the go. The best format

for this is the downloadable MP3, listen to your audio tracks anywhere and everywhere

with no problems. If you are jogging, running, playing a sport or simply home wanting

to relax and just let your ears do the entertainment for you, nothing is better than saving

your favorite audio tracks to a compact disc for listening on any CD player device!



With every download we also offer the link to the full album of where the audio is from

if it has any at all. You can buy the full album at any time or just download the one

provided and consider it a sample track of the album of where it can be located. This

is a great way to know what you will find within the album before you buy it. It's a

great way to try before you buy!




Our website has the Videos Section which lets you upload music videos

you have made yourself. What makes this section of the site even better

is that it's fully integrated with the YouTube service itself, this means that

you can upload videos directly to your own personal YouTube account

right on the site without having to go to YouTube at all. Any music videos

you created to showcase your songs or any videos you took backstage

at a concert to share with others can be placed here to share with

everyone else!



We also have a Gallery Section where you can add pictures of your favorite

artist, from digital art, to fan made, to even official images, all can be found

right here. You can post pictures exclusive from behind-the-scene, VIP

parties, or share official images from around the internet. This is also a

great place to find new wallpapers for your mobile devices, laptops, macs

or personal computer!



The Blogger Section of the site offers you a personal blog where you can

talk about anything. Everything which interest you can be talked about right

in your blog while you can use the comments from members to continue

talking about the main topic with members of the site. You can write about

any kind of interest that is within the category or you also use it as a news

feed to new things out on the internet or things that interest you!



If you register for free to the website you can use the Forum Section of the site

to discuss about music or any other kind of entertainment you personally enjoy

with others. You can also use the forums to ask for support or additional formats

you might need. The forums is the main place to go to for requesting audio tracks

we do not yet on the site. You can also use the foreign broad if you do not know

English and even make website suggestions as well!




For those who are new to the world of music or just trying to step ahead

in the music industry, we here at Rawtrex have a free of charge system

to promote your music. We will expand your reach to others on the internet

much farther then you can ever imagine with album banners, off site

advertisement and more. All you got to do is just follow the four simple steps

we have set up for you at the Music Promoting section of the forums!



Just like the YouTube offering free service, we too offer all downloads for free.

You do not even need to register to the website in order to get access to

every section of the site. You also do not need to pay a monthly subscription,

no monthly fees, no hourly fees, not even pay-per-download. Everything

is offered freely and without taking a cent from you!